Are you tired of being frustrated by your own cycles and routines? Do you dread getting up in the morning having to face mounds of laundry, and the balance of house chores with work?

Overwhelmed by the constant pressure of keeping the kids fed, house in shape, errands ran, and the exhausting cycle of staying up late just to get that coveted "alone time"? 

I know exactly how that feels, and that's why I developed THE DAILY JOY REBOOT Mini Course! 

You'll learn to intentionally cultivate your mind, develop nourishing habits, and create external spaces in order to produce the routines to create the margin needed to actually do the things you like to do! 

No more living just for the weekends, it's time to love your life again, and feel joy in the right now! 

The Daily Joy Reboot mini course will set you up with nourishing routines both personally and in your physical environment that will impact your ability to look forward to each day again.

To feel excited about what the day will bring and stifle the feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.

You will mindfully and intentionally cultivate a home that works for you and not against you, learn my proprietary thinking model, AWAKE  TM. .


Discover the methods for gaining traction on your goals, revitalizing your space, and establishing joyful habits that will radically change how you feel and approach each day! 


Action plans for tackling the clutter in your physical spaces to streamline your daily house chores that are inevitable. Enjoy your living spaces again so they aren't an anchor to your joy.  

The methods outlined in this action plan will give you a roadmap for finally getting your space to an equilibrium. This will not only calm your mind, but free up TIME! A resource we can't buy more of. Let's get you setup! 


Tired of feeling stuck, having the same goals and never making progress? Stuck in a rut of "stinkin' thinkin'"...learning to change how you think about a situation will alter the results in your life. 

Learn the AWAKE MODEL TM  and instantly experience a shift in how you feel, how you interact with yourself and those in your life.


Discover ways to gain traction with new habits or changes to your existing habits in order to create the daily life you long to experience. 

It's not about doing more, it's about doing more of the right things. 


Let's get those projects you've been trying to start underway! No more excuses, use our guide to breakdown the steps and motivations to get on track and stay on track to complete the projects that keep lingering in the background. 

When we have energy drains on our minds, we tend to feel exhausted before the day even begins! It's time to plug up the drains and getting moving forward again! 


Discover a powerful tool that will alter your mindset and provide scientifically proven results for increasing calmness and revitalization each day!

Bonus 2

Feeling joy DOES include your physical body. When we don't physically feel at our best, our mood and hormones adjust for that, which can magnify the negativity.

Receive a step-by-step guide for changing your body from the inside out by mindfully choosing the right products and foods to use/consume. 

This guide alone will increase the joy in your life within 30 days if you implement the strategies! 


Right now you feel like the house chores, and your work/life responsibilities are the only two things your life revolves around. 

You're tired of feeling like there is no balance, and burn-out is getting the best of you.

If you could just get back to a balanced place with your house chores, managing the family schedule, and taking better care of yourself...you'd have the bandwidth and energy to start having fun again...you long to wakeup with joy and lighthearted emotion about the day. Why does everything feel so heavy?!

It's hard to feel motivated when you feel like you're in catch-up mode all day.

Imagine if you woke up each day excited for what's to come. What if you looked forward to Monday, GASP! 

Imagine having a routine that cultivates peace, calmness, and joy! What if home is an environment that isn't suffocating you with the endless to-do lists and projects. Think about having a place for everything, and not dreading chores because you could easily move through them.

Imagine if you had the right mindset tools to begin each day, plan for the now, and accomplish goals for your future. How would it feel it have the margin in your mind (and day) to work on the things that align with your dreams and the purpose God has for you in life?

The Daily Joy Reboot is The jumpstart you need to transform your home and create nourishing routines that will have you waking up EXCITED and ready to take on the day! 

Emily Vermillion, Certified Christian Life Coach

HEY FRIEND! I want to help women just like you create exactly what they want in their lives. 

I'm no stranger to chaos, feeling stuck, searching for purpose, and re-inventing  myself a few times over. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, so figuring out what fit my life, my ambitions, and my faith took me down multiple paths! 

When I finally found my way with the amazing tools I teach in my programs, I knew WHY God had sent me down the path I had been on.

I became a Certified Life Coach and I spend my days teaching and coaching women to live their lives with BOLD INTENTION and little regret!

Oh, and what really sets my approach apart from most...everything I teach stems first from Christ



  • You're feeling really "stuck" in your daily life. You're doing your best  just to keep up. If only you could get ahead, you may have time to enjoy yourself. 


  • You're feeling overwhelmed by your current responsibilities, but still hoping for more. You may be wondering "is this all I have to look forward to?" 


  • The daily grind has worn you down and you're completely burnt out. You haven't had the energy or motivation to even try at doing it differently, but you are desperately needing something to give! 

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the course?

LIFETIME ACCESS through the student portal!

How do I access the course?

Once purchased, you will be emailed your student login and access code to access the course material.

Can I get 1:1 coaching?

As my schedule allows, I open availability for 1:1 coaching. If interested email me at emily@boldlifebyemily.com

How is the program structured?

It's a mix of video modules, PDF action plans, audio files, journals, and workbooks all to be accessed at your pace. You will be given access to the full program as soon as you purchase! 

How much time do I need to dedicate to The Daily Joy Reboot?

This program is meant to be a jumpstart. You could binge the training videos + begin implementing the actions plans and strategies in a weekend! Begin to take action, and in less than 30 days your days will be totally different! 

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there is a NO refund policy. Trust me, you will enjoy this program and get so much from it (for only $47) !

Here's what you'll get

  • Two Dynamic Trainings
    Nourishing Routines and Transforming Your Home will have you re-thinking how you are tackling your day-to-day life!
  • Action Plans
    You'll receive strategy guides for transforming your home from the inside AND an amazing bonus The Natural Living Project which will have you recalibrating not only your home, but your body from the inside-out!
  • Tools of the Trade 
    You will learn about the AWAKE MODEL TM, a proprietary tool that will alter the way you will think! Yep! You will learn how to think in a different way that is the KEY to dynamic change in your life. Once you learn this model, you will be able to apply it's effectiveness to all areas of your life, creating lasting impact!
  • Value Packed Mindset Modules
    Learn about the power of affirming thoughts and meditative praying. Learn the science behind why both of these of truly alter your brain chemistry and ability to cope. You will receive workbooks and audio files to assist in implementing these truly impactful tools. God speaks to the power of our thoughts and words MULTIPLE TIMES in scripture and instills an understanding of how influential they are on the health of our lives. Learn to implement both in your daily life, and experience the changes they insight! 
    You'll receive additional tools for establishing nourishing routines and accountability for making change happen straight away!

What's Next




Imagine how different your life could look in 30 days or less if you had the mindset tools, action plans, and newly formed habits to transform your home and routines.

You could be THRIVING instead of just surviving! 

You would have the time, and space mentally to experience the things that excite you, work on the projects you've had lingering, and looking forward to the week ahead rather than dreading Mondays and just wishing you could STOP and start over.

NO MORE feeling like each day is just rolling into the next! 

NO MORE feeling totally overwhelmed by your house chores!

NO MORE feeling stuck in the rut of work, chores, REPEAT!

NO MORE neglecting your dreams!

NO MORE wondering when the fun will happen!

NO MORE searching for JOY!

What are you waiting for?!